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Last Chance! Voter’s Choice Companion Packs – 25% Off!

Have you heard about the big sale? If not, sign up for our monthly newsletter here  (in the blue box at the bottom) and don’t miss out on future offers! From now until the end of the month we’ve got our popular Voter’s Choice Companion Pack Booths, both the Premier & Classic a whopping 25% off! These convenient booths offer an easy-to-use two-in-one voting booth solution for… Read more »

December Hustle & Bustle – Shows, Recounts, & Sales!

Like much of 2013, the month of December has been a whirlwind! Two weeks ago, we were balancing the winter election conference in our home state of North Carolina and the highly publicized Attorney General’s race recount for our many equipment customers in Virginia. Last week, the office closed and we were fortunate enough to get some R&R at home and with our families and friends… Read more »

‘Tis the Season for a Budget Close Out Sale!

If keeping your employee’s fat and happy is the key to success, then we’re doing a great job! On Friday we hosted our company Christmas luncheon, just a short two weeks after our Thanksgiving feast. This time, we took the festivities off site to Baker’s Kitchen, a local restaurant specializing in southern fare and it was delicious! As you might have seen on our Facebook… Read more »

Printelect’s Thanksgiving Feast!

This year’s Printelect Thanksgiving feast was… Divine! We had everything from fried turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and collards to spicy sausage balls, green bean casserole, buffalo chicken dip, and deviled eggs. Literally if you can imagine it, somebody at Printelect made it! Who knew we were all such masters in the kitchen? We’re pretty sure there wasn’t a whole lot of work done after 1pm…… Read more »

Only 9 Days Left: Signs & Stands 15% Off

Only 23 more weekdays until Christmas and only 9 weekdays left in our November Signs & Stands sale! Go ahead – get in the shopping mood and save your county a bundle by taking advantage of our 15% OFF sale on the ENTIRE LINE OF ELECTION SIGNS & STANDS! Stock up on elections signs for any terrain, indoors or out. Ask about our custom signage options, too! ALL SIGNS… Read more »

Veterans Day 2013

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s easy to get carried away naming the everyday comforts we’re thankful for. Among those blessings, we most often count our families that love and support us, the food in our bellies, the shelter above our heads, our employment that helps pay the bills, and our health. It’s easy to forget to be thankful for something that we might… Read more »

Election Day Excitement & 15% Off Election Signs!

Elections officials across the country have been tirelessly preparing for their November elections and we’re betting that they’re pretty excited that Election Day is finally here! Across a majority of our customer base, county and municipal offices are up for election and in New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Virginia, the office of the Governor will be voted upon, too. No matter how big or… Read more »

Contest Winner Announcement — Happy Halloween!

There are so many exciting things going on this week at the Printelect headquarters! We’ve successfully completed early/absentee/one-stop voting support for our customers and our equipment Technicians are buzzing with anticipation as Election Day approaches next Tuesday! As always, we’re eager to hit the ground running and help our customers conduct their most successful elections yet. To add to the excitement, we’re wrapping up our… Read more »

Watch & Win Starbucks PLUS October Stickers Sale!

Alright y’all… it’s October which can only mean one thing! Fabulous fall weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes! If Starbucks sounds good to you, watch our new company video and “Like” our page on Facebook for a chance to win a $15 gift card! And if that wasn’t exciting enough…. ON SALE: One accessory that will never go out of style – Voter’s Choice Election Stickers!… Read more »

Early Voting Practices & Solutions

At the mention of early voting, you’re likely to hear praise from voters and election officials alike! It’s widely popular because of the many benefits to the average American that’s juggling schedules at work and at home. Early voting is offered in over two-thirds of states across the US, and although time periods vary from state to state, the chance to get to the polls… Read more »