Ballot Printing: The Election Service You Never Really Thought About Before

Most election professionals know that in order to run a successful election event, there’s a standard set of supplies and items that you need to keep things secure, organized and running smoothly throughout the election process. Common items can include, of course, your voting machines, your privacy screens, your voter instructions supplies, your ballots and more. And where you get these items from can really make or break your election, depending on the product quality and performance. But have you ever really taken the time to consider the details that need to go into each product involved in the election?

It all starts with the design.

Your ballot design is critical when it comes to your voters understanding the information that’s being presented to them. It’s often good to include certain design elements on ballots that make them easier to read – things like images for party symbols next to candidates’ names, candidate photographs and short biographies and clear instructions for placing the vote.

The layout of the text on the ballot can also determine how easy it is to tally votes at the end of the election. If boxes are placed too closely together, for example, you could end up with ballots that have extra marks from the voters on them that make them difficult to tabulate.

Security matters.

Ballots are considered liable items in an election system, so how and where they are printed usually require additional security measures to be taken. At Printelect, we maintain secure facilities for our ballot printing operations at all times. Facilities are monitored via video surveillance and the ballots don’t leave our hands until they are shipped directly to our customers.

Excess ballots that have been printed, but are not necessary for the election, should always be securely destroyed using a shredder and sent directly to a recycling facility. If your ballots are not printed securely, you run risks of breaking laws and ending up with inaccurate election results.

Technology plays a role.

Are you running a traditional election, or an electronic one? For ballot printers, it’s important to keep up with technology, but electronic ballots need to be created and handled similarly to printed ballots. There is no room for cutting corners on electronic ballots when it comes to design, quality or security.

At Printelect, we take pride in our electronic ballot offerings because we put the same kind of quality into our electronic ballots as we do our printed ones.

What Sets Printelect Apart?

When it comes to your ballots specifically, the last thing you want is something that has been printed in poor quality, that’s difficult for voters to read or understand, that’s inaccurate or that’s difficult for election officials to count. That’s why at Printelect we place such a large emphasis on our ballot printing services – because we put in the time and quality necessary to make our ballots flawless, offering election officials ease of use and peace of mind both during and after the election. It’s in the details that we separate ourselves from other ballot printing services out there.

Contact Printelect today with any questions or for more information on ballot printing services. We want to be your elections partner for everything from ballot printing to voting equipment sales and maintenance and more!

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