Day #1 in Orlando for the Mobile Voting Precinct

The Printelect team made it safely down the East Coast yesterday, from New Bern to Orlando. The somewhat daunting thought of driving a 38′ vehicle eleven hours quickly  subsided when after we found out how easy it drives. The RV handles extremely well and it’s obvious spatial capacities allowed us to stretch out when we needed to.

Set-up today went well at The Election Center Seminar. With over 1,000 members, The Election Center has the largest number of state and local election and voter registration administrators of any similar institution in the nation. We have a great booth space to showcase all of our election products to the hundreds of elections administrators and officials here.

Oh yea, we also happened to find a great spot right outside of the building to give tours of the MVP.

As you can see, Printelect is represented very well down here in Orlando. Even with one flight delay, CEO & President Owen Andrews made it right in time for the first attendees to arrive today.

Tomorrow will be very busy. The brunt of the day will be showing our products and meeting the entirety of the attendees, as well as giving those that are interested tours of the MVP. We hear the MVP is the buzz of the event, which is pretty exciting in our opinion.

After that, Mike and I are gonna scoot out and make our way into New Orleans. We won’t make it into the big easy until late, so we won’t be enjoying too much of the Bourbon Street nightlife.

We look forward to making new relationships and cultivating exisiting ones at the show tomorrow! Check back here tomorrow afternoon for another entry. We hope to have plenty of event pictures and possibly a video or two. As always, follow @printelect on Twitter for real-time updates and be sure to also check out our Facebook Page.

Blog Post By: Chris Andrews, Account Executive and Marketing Manager

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