Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Even though we didn’t learn the Texas Two-Step, we did get to see a few of our favorite customers during our trip to the Texas SOS Election Law Seminar.

Last week, Printelect visited the “live music capital of the world” which happens to be located in the capital city of Austin, Texas!  The 31st Annual Election Law Seminar put on by the Texas Secretary of State provided us with a great opportunity to meet new customers, see our existing clients, and help provide them with solutions to their many election needs. Although it was 100+ degrees every day, we truly enjoyed the hospitality from the great state of Texas!

Our friends Laurie Zamora from Willacy County and Frank Phillips from Denton County took home a special souvenir from the conference this year. In addition to giving away our popular red bags to those who visited our booth, Printelect hosted a contest via our Facebook page while in Austin. These two lucky folks won our drawing for two $50 Visa Gift Cards! Congratulations y’all!I spy Printelect’s red giveaway bags!

For more giveaways and prizes in the future, please “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter. Also, if you’re going to Election Center in Savannah, Georgia next week- look for us again! We’ll be hosting a similar contest there.  Have a great weekend!

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