Unity Election System Fact Sheet

The Unity™ Election System is the complete suite of solutions for total election management. Unity enables a client to create and maintain a central database of jurisdiction and election information; format ballot layouts and program election equipment for use in conducting voting within a jurisdiction; and collect, accumulate, and report the voting results files directly from the tabulation equipment.

Unity™ Election Data Manager™ (EDM) is a foundation software application that enters, maintains and stores all election-related information (e.g., precincts, districts, candidates and referenda) in one database.

Unity™ Ballot Image Managers™ (BIM) manipulate the image of an optical scan ballot populated by information from the Unity Election Data Manager database.

iVotronic® Image Manager™ (iVIM) provides iVotronic® touch screen clients with an easy-to-use, Unity Ballot Image Manager interface. Users may select a ballot display template, adjust the line position of ballot data, validate Unity Election Data Managerâ„¢ information, and generate customized ballot screens for their iVotronic units.

Unity™ Ballot On Demand® (BOD) is an easy-to-use software application that enables local laser printing of a voter-specific ballot on demand for pre-election day, absentee and early voters.

Unity™ Hardware Programming Manager™ (HPM) is a proprietary software solution that seamlessly programs election tabulation hardware — whether touch screen electronic, OMR paper-based or punch card.

Unity™ Data Acquisition Manager™(DAM) is a powerful client service application that collects and transmits voting data to the host election server for the accumulation of election results.

Unity™ Election Reporting Manager™ (ERM) is a versatile, user-friendly software application that formats election results and generates customized paper or electronic reports.

Unity™ Online™ allows ES&S Professional Election Services to create or convert a jurisdiction’s election database and work with election officials to produce error-free ballots within a shorter time frame. Unity Online is used with other Unity software to format and print ballots, to program ballot-scanning equipment, and to produce Election Day reports.