Union & Contract Elections

As a full service elections provider, Printelect helps unions, professional organizations, churches, special interest groups, and municipalities execute all necessary elections. From ballot printing to on-site support, Printelect will work with every party involved to make sure secure results are achieved.

Our Services:

  • Election Equipment Rentals and Sales
  • Election Day and Administrative Training
  • Election Day Coding and Programming
  • On-site/Off-site Election Day support
  • Optical Scan Ballot Printing
  • Voting Booths and Election Supplies

Our Equipment

As an authorized dealer of Election Systems and Software (ES&S) in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, we have the ability to offer both Direct-recording Electronic (DRE) and Optical Scan voting machines to help you customize and scale your election. Furthermore, we our extensive line of ADA voting equipment will allow you to maintain HAVA compliance throughout your election process.

  • M100
  • iVotronic RTAL
  • AutoMARK

Contact Us

For more information about Printelect or the union election services we provide, please contact Frank Galizia at (800) 682-4500 or coding@printelect.com.