Election Systems & Software (ES&S) and AutoMARK Technical Systems, LLC have teamed up to offer the ES&S AutoMARK™, breakthrough ballot-marking technology that allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark a ballot privately and independently when using an optical scan voting system.

The ES&S AutoMARK™ voter assist terminal is a ballot-marking system designed to provide privacy and accessibility to voters who are blind, vision-impaired, or have a disability or condition that would make it difficult or impossible to mark a ballot in the usual way. The technology also provides language assistance to voters who are more comfortable speaking a different language or who need help to better understand written instructions.

Key Features:

  • A sip/puff tube for voters who are not able to use the touch screen or touch pad.
  • An audio function allows voters with impaired vision to listen to choices.
  • Protects legacy systems by allowing jurisdictions to use existing optical scanner hardware/ software solutions.
  • A zoom feature that enables the voter to increase the font size of each race listed on the optical scan ballot.
  • Multiple–language capability helps ensure that all citizens in a diverse population can exercise their privilege to vote.
  • The ability to support write–in candidates.

Download the AutoMark Fact Sheet