iVotronic Voting System

The patented iVotronicâ„¢ Touch Screen Voting System is the premier voting solution for jurisdictions who prefer paperless voting. Available with a 15″ full-color display, the iVotronic is wireless, multilingual, and ADA-compliant. Voters securely cast their vote for each race and/or ballot proposition simply through the touch of the screen. Its Audio Ballot feature easily assists those voters who are visually impaired. Weighing only 14.35 pounds, the iVotronic is the most portable system in the industry enabling curbside voting and wheelchair access, and it is powered either by 120-volt AC current or a rechargeable battery cartridge. To ensure voter intent and ballot correctness, the iVotronic prevents the voter from over-voting and alerts the voter of under-voted races.

Key Features:

  • Simple 1-2-3 step voting process.
  • Three independent memory paths to ensure no votes are lost.
  • Proprietary Personal Electronic Ballot device.
  • Audio Ballot, Braille-embossed buttons to support visually impaired voters.


  • Successfully used in thousands of elections.
  • Overwhelming public acceptance.
  • Exceptional voter satisfaction.

Download the iVotronic Fact Sheet.