Happy 236th Birthday to the Stars & Stripes!

Organizations far and wide struggle to perfectly define their brand.  Brands are often represented in a concise way by a simple symbol or logo that is bold enough to leave an impression.  Most importantly, that logo has meaning to the organization; one might say it’s a non-verbal communication of core values or competencies.  Marketing agencies worldwide serve this niche, profitably identifying individual organizational culture, and communicating it in a way that the world understands.

Although they may not have recognized it as such, on June 14th 1777, our Continental Congress discussed the branding of our nation.  After years of unofficial branding, via inconsistent colonial flags, the Continental Congress declared that the United States of America be represented by a single, cohesive look.  This act implemented the nationwide use of our original American Flag, thus we celebrate Flag Day every June 14th.  The original flag consisted of thirteen stripes alternating in red and white, and thirteen white stars in a blue field, symbolizing a new constellation and our national independence.  With our growth as a nation, the flag has evolved to include 50 stars representing our fifty states in the Union, while paying homage to those thirteen original colonies through the thirteen alternating stripes of red and white.  The colors of the American flag, and thus the American brand, are red, white, and blue.  Red represents hardiness and valor, white, symbolizes purity and innocence, and finally blue, represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

236 years strong, the American Flag, is easily one of the most recognizable “brands” today.  It means many things to many people, while consistently representing our nation at home and abroad.  It was the muse for Francis Scott Key as he wrote our nation’s anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.  It is the symbol of hope for a better future for many immigrants, the comforting symbol of home for citizens, and the universal symbol of freedom for all Americans.

Celebrate Old Glory today and have a great weekend!




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