Press Release: Printelect Introduces Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP)

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Printelect introduces Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP)

NEW BERN, N.C. – July 15, 2010 – Printelect has unveiled its Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP). The portable capabilities of the MVP will enable local election officials to bring the vote to the people in communities throughout the country.

“We have researched and developed the MVP to be an Election Day problem-solver,” said Owen D. Andrews, president/CEO of Printelect. “Its versatility and mobility can help jurisdictions nationwide to alleviate lines, increase voter education efforts and voter registration, and solve many of the problems that occur before, during and after polling hours.”

In addition to mobile voting, the MVP is designed to address common issues that face election jurisdictions throughout the year, including emergency voting, voter-capacity relief efforts, voter registration drives and voter education exhibits.

The MVP is a 38-foot, customized mobile voting solution. Its precinct-centric layout features 15 voting stations, a spacious two-person registration desk, efficient traffic-flow design and ballot box placement, as well as ADA-compliant equipment. The MVP is also able to conduct both optical-scan and touch-screen elections.

“Jurisdictions across the country struggle with a shortage of staff and site locations during regular and early voting, as well as overcrowding at the polls, lack of equipment during peak hours, and voter registration and education issues,” Andrews notes. “The MVP can bring much-needed relief at a time when voter turnout and participation is key.”

Further information about the MVP and Printelect may be obtained at, or by calling 1-800-682-4500.


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About Printelect

With over 107 years experience, Printelect is a full-service election solutions provider offering elections products and services, campaign products, and commercial printing, as well as the Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP).

Printelect is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Owen G. Dunn Company, Inc.  Its headquarters is located in New Bern, N.C., with additional offices in Raleigh, N.C. and Fayetteville, N.C.

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