North Carolina tops other states in voter protection laws

The Raleigh, North Carolina based News & Observer newspaper recently published the following article on September 20, 2010.  To read the full article, please visit here.

Article Begins:

After reviewing the election laws and practices of 10 swing states, Common Cause has judged that North Carolina has the greatest number of laws and practices that are helpful to voters and to fair elections.

“The stakes are high this year with the struggle for power in the state legislature at a tipping point,” said Bob Phillips, director of Common Cause North Carolina, a good-government group. “The rules of the game need to be fair and need to be enforced. Our report shows that North Carolina is doing well in many areas but there is also room for improvement.”

The national Common Cause group looked at election laws and practices in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, and Ohio as well as North Carolina.

Among other things, Common Cause liked North Carolina’s early voting, efforts to work with state agencies to increase voter registration, the lack of state-imposed voter ID laws, laws against voter suppression and the fact that provisional ballots are counted if cast in the correct county but the wrong precinct.

On the downside, Common Cause thought the state’s voter challenge law was too expansive, took issue with the fact that voting rights were not restored to felons until after they had finished parole or probation, and said there is not enough outreach by election officials to Spanish-speaking voters.

Source: News & Observer

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