Printelect is Going Green

No, we’re not changing our logo. “Going Green” is broadly defined as the movement toward environmental awareness, as it affects everything from our water bottles to our building codes. Businesses and even government agencies, from corporations to nonprofits, are going green in many different ways. Some organizations are thinking green simply because less cash expended means more in the wallet, however, most initiatives are founded on the idea of environmental stewardship.

Of course there are ranges of just how “green” your organization is. On one end of the spectrum, there are solar-panel-clad rooftops, paperless offices, electric car drivers, and post-consumer-waste product users. On the other end you’ll find businesses implementing recycling programs, encouraging employees to cut off lights and power down computers, and using email more than regular mail. Businesses and people alike are making small, manageable changes in their day-to-day routines, while keeping in mind the environmental benefit of their actions.

Printelect falls toward the latter end of the spectrum, slowly but surely making progress toward more sustainable habits and processes. For example, we proudly implemented a company-wide shredding and recycling program in 2011 and have saved over 175 trees thus far. This year, one of our bigger green efforts has been focused around our annual Election Products catalog. For our annual mass mailing, we’re scaling back in an effort to drive more traffic through greener sources, using e-commerce and other tools to reduce waste throughout the process. If you’re one of our customers, you’ve probably received the standard 115 page booklet outlining all of our product offerings. This year, you’ll receive a condensed 12 page supplemental booklet containing our most requested, highest rated products. Sure, the font is a little smaller and the pictures are not quite as large, but to use almost 90% less paper – it’s worth the savings!

Speaking of our catalog- it’s in the hands of our skilled pressmen as we speak! They’re printing, folding, and stitching just as fast as they can back there. You can expect to receive the mailing sometime around the end of June! If you’re set on having the full copy, you can always request a full catalog by mail, or even better, visit our full digital catalog online.

As you may have heard before, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” If everyone from Forbes to the Environmental Protection Agency is talking about “Going Green,” you can bet the movement is here to stay. The global initiative to go green and utilize less resources starts with one change at a time. At Printelect, we can proudly say we are on our way! Has your organization gone green? If so, to what extent? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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