Printelect Specializes in Ballot Printing

For over one hundred years, Printelect has been in the ballot printing business. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide high quality election ballots for our customers nationwide. From presidential to electoral, state government and county election ballots, we can provide exactly what you need on both small- and large-scale orders! Our state-of-the-art ballot printing plant is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. With hi-tech manufacturing equipment, we are able to produce millions of ballots annually without sacrificing the quality, security or integrity of the printed product.

As the largest printer of optical scan election ballots on the East Coast, we have the ability to regulate all aspects of quality control from start to finish. Recognizing that ballot printing means so much more than setting type onto a page, our team of coding technicians and layout designers work together to not only create the ballot layout, but also test the precision of the format, information, color, image position and trim of the ballot. Voters will leave with a positive impression of your election’s voting process when they see Printelect’s professionally printed ballots that are easy to read and uncomplicated to fill out for voters of all ages.

Printelect prides itself on our knowledgeable election staff and superior customer service team. We work with each customer individually to make sure all specifications are met precisely. Our attention to detail and experience in the ballot printing business make us the premier choice for your election needs. Contact a member of our team and allow us to show you why Printelect is the best in the industry!

The price for digital ballot printing services varies greatly depending on the requirements of the customer and the voting equipment. In order for Printelect to provide you with an accurate price quote, please click on the link below and complete the PDF document. Once we receive your fax, we will contact you within one business day with your optical scan ballot printing quote.

We are currently a certified ballot printer for the following manufacturers:

  • Elections System & Software (ES&S)
  • Premier Voting Systems (formerly Diebold)
  • Sequoia Voting Systems

We currently furnish ballots for the following machines:

  • M100
  • Accuvote
  • Optech Eagle
  • Insight

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