Collapsible Ballot Box

PRICE: $75.00
The Collapsible Ballot Box is a folding ballot box that features a sealable ballot slot on the side of the box and two access panels for easy retrieval of ballots or supplies. Doubling as both a ballot box or a general precinct supply carrier, this box features a top and side zippered access panel to allow the pollworker to remove heavy ballots by sliding them out the side or other supplies from the top.

Product Features:
  • Secure voting: sealable plastic 10.5" ballot slot
  • Easy storage: folds down flat
  • Extra durable: supported by 4 metal wire structures

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 24"L x 13"H x 15"W
  • Weight:  5 pounds

Product ID:

- 2119-01
Collapsible Ballot Box