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The self-contained AccuVote®-TSX provides election officials and voters with a proven and intuitive voting solution that is accurate, lightweight, and cost-effective. It automatically records and stores encrypted ballot information and election results. Each unit features intelligent voter card technology for unassisted, private voter activation.

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Product Features:
  • Proven accuracy and reliability
  • Stand-alone election system
  • Large touch-screen operation enables voters to make selections and change selections effortlessly
  • Eliminates over-voting
  • Summary page reduces under-voting
  • Wireless accumulation transmissions speed the collection of post-election results within the voting location
  • Voice-guidance for the visually impaired
  • Straight party and crossover voting
  • Redundant, secure, non-volatile storage devices protect election results
  • Sophisticated data encryption protects stored election data
  • Complete electronic audit files
  • Simple opening and closing steps

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- 2098-01
Used AccuVote-TSX