Voter's Choice Classic ADA Voting Booth - With Light

PRICE: $189.95
The Voter's Choice Classic ADA Voting Booth features unparalleled ease of assembly and can be set up within minutes! The voting booth features a durable tabletop constructed of the highest quality injection molded plastic in addition to a corrugated plastic privacy screen. The stainless steel legs are efficiently stored on the bottom of the writing surface. Additionally, the voting booth incorporates a unique bungee system that allows each leg to remain attached to the table top while in both the assembled and stored configurations. With the implementation of the ADA Leg Adapter Kit, the voting booth can be set up in the ADA configuration - all while the standard legs are safely stored underneath the writing surface!

Product Features:
  • Made of lightweight, heavy duty plastic
  • Easy fold corrugated plastic privacy screen included
  • Efficient leg storage underneath each voting booth
  • Stainless steel legs
  • Easy ADA leg setup and breakdown
  • Corrugated plastic storage box included
  • ADA Leg Adapter Kit packaged in separate storage box
  • Optional LED lights available
  • 5 year warranty

Product ID:

- 1913-02
Voter's Choice Premier ADA Voting Booth