Poll Star Voting Booth

PRICE: $160.00 - $175.00

NOTE:  This booth is sold out unitl sometime after the 2020 General Electon.  Please do not order with the expectation that they will arrive before then.  



The Poll Star™ Voting Booth is easy to assemble and can be placed into service within minutes. This voting booth is lightweight and requires minimal storage space requirements. Constructed of ABS plastic, the Poll Star™ Voting Booth is built to perform on election day. Available with or without light. Also available as an ADA voting booth model.

Product Features:
  • Made of high impact, heavy duty plastic
  • Aluminum legs
  • Corrugated plastic privacy screen
  • Corrugated plastic storage box included
  • Optional clip-on light
  • 5 year warranty

Product ID:

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Poll Star Voting Booth
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