Pollmaster Voting Booths & Accessories

The Pollmaster voting booth is made of high-impact, heavy-duty plastic. Featuring aluminum legs with stabilizer bars, these suitcase style voting booths are a great choice for the voting precinct. The Pollmaster I voting booth is available in both standard height and ADA-compliant models. See the full line of Pollmaster booths and accessories below!

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  1. Poll Master™ I Voting Booth

    PRICE: $219.00 - $239.00
  2. Poll Master

    PRICE: $329.00 - $349.50
  3. Poll Master™ II Voting Booth

    PRICE: $169.00 - $179.50
  4. Poll Master™ II ADA Voting Booth

    PRICE: $289.00 - $299.50
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