Six Ways to Register to Vote in North Carolina

With the 2010 General Election almost upon us, it’s important for all North Carolina residents to know how to register to vote. Please find information the North Carolina State Board of Elections posted on their website.

  1. IN PERSON, AT A COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS OFFICE. You can find the address for your county election office on the NC State Board of Elections’ website, or call (toll free) 866-522-4723. The county staff can help you with the registration form and answer your questions.
  2. IN PERSON, AT ONE-STOP ABSENTEE VOTING SITES. Individuals who miss the registration deadline, if qualified, may register in person and then vote at a one-stop voting site. These sites will be open from October 14 until October 30. Check with your local county board of elections for locations and hours of operation.
  3. IN PERSON, AT MANY GOVERNMENT OFFICES. You can get a registration form at Driver License offices, Employment Security Commission offices, and most Social Service agencies. The agency will submit the completed form to the county board of elections. Many libraries and institutions of higher education have forms as well.
  4. IN PERSON, DURING A VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE. Many civic groups and political parties set up tables at businesses or conduct registration drives to register people to vote. They typically submit the form for you; if not, mail it to the county board of elections yourself.
  5. BY MAIL. You can fill out and mail in your registration form. You can get a form from your county board of elections, or print it from the NC State Board of Elections’ website at See the website for a listing of county board addresses.
  6. INFORMATION ON PRE-REGISTRATION. A person who is at least 16 years of age but will not be 18 years of age by the date of the next election and who is otherwise qualified to register may preregister to vote. A preregistered citizen shall be automatically registered upon reaching the age of eligibility following verification of the person’s qualifications and address. A preregistrant can use the current voter registration form which will be held and processed for the first primary and election in which the new voter will be qualified to vote. It will be important for a preregistrant to complete a new preregistration form if he or she has changed residence since the first preregistration. For more information on the preregistra-tion process, check with your county board of elections.
You must provide your North Carolina driver license number if you have one. If not, provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number on the registration form. If you do not have either of these, then you may include with the form a copy of identification that shows your name and address. Check with your county board of elections as to what is acceptable ID.

Source: North Carolina State Board of Elections Website

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