The Scoop: Poll Distance Markers

If you’ve ever been to the polls on Election Day, you’ve seen the last minute campaigning that goes on, right up until you walk in the precinct to cast your ballot. Sometimes the candidates themselves are out there shaking hands and attempting to sway those voters that may be “on the fence” about different issues. These candidates, or volunteers from their campaign, are seeking to answer any remaining questions, and ultimately ask for the vote.

Although usually civilized and respectful, given the pressure of a tight race and the passion behind the politics, sometimes the good intentions of the candidates (and their volunteers) can be perceived as aggressive and intrusive. Voters that have come to the polls with their minds already made up, wanting only to cast their ballot with candidates they’ve already chosen can be intimidated and offended by the eager group of campaigners. For this reason, states have laws pertaining to the distances at which those last minute campaigners can stand in relation to the precinct. Every state is different, and it’s up to the proper poll worker training to convey the distance as it is written in the law.

Knowing the importance of such signage at each and every polling place, Printelect offers many different types of sign stands and systems that are lightweight enough for poll workers to place at the proper distances.  With our various sign solutions, your precincts can comply with the law and avoid those horror stories of polling place harassment. Click on the images below to see some of our most useful poll distance marking sign solutions!

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